Ark Marine Gelcoat Cleaner
Ark Marine Gelcoat Cleaner

Ark Marine Gelcoat Cleaner

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ARK MARINE GELCOAT CLEANER has been specifically developed to give a deep, intensive clean to gelcoat, steel, fiberglass and other painted exterior marine surfaces of boats, yachts and other watercraft.

Simply spray on the affected area and leave to dwell for 5/10 minutes before rinsing, it really couldn’t be any simpler and those awkward, hard to remove stains have gone!

  • Safely Removes Yellowing, Dirt & Stains Caused by Algae, Barnacles, and Marine Growth.
  • Quickly and Effortlessly Eliminates Staining from the Waterline.
  • Excellent for Use on Fiberglass, Metal, and Painted Surfaces.
  • Cleans Scum Lines and Boat Hull Stains with Ease.
  • Environmentally Friendly Formulation: Offers a cleaning solution that's environmentally conscious, reducing the impact on marine ecosystems while effectively cleaning surfaces.
  • Easy to use saving time and effort for the end user.
  • Removes staining from waterline.
  • Provides an immediate and comprehensive solution for a variety of stubborn stains, restoring surfaces to their original condition.

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