Uber-Lube - the ultimate claybar lubricant

Uber-Lube - the ultimate claybar lubricant

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The slickest clay bar lubricant you'll likely ever use.

Designed for use with the Angelwax Cleanse clay bar, this ultra slick formulation makes decontaminating your paintwork virtually effortless and extremely safe.

Car bodywork and glass are subject to contamination from a variety of chemical, environmental and industrial pollutions such as bird lime, tar, tree sap, ferrous metals and salt. These harmful contaminants cannot be removed by simply polishing or washing away, they require a clay bar to remove from the paint surface and a clay bar requires clay bar lubricant.

once the paintwork has been treated it's suitably prepped for polishing, waxing, sealing or coating and can be simply rinsed away.

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highly reccomended by pros

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